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I'm a small-town Wisconsin gal who became a  travelling wedding photographer, artist, & beam of sunshine that's PUMPED that you're here! My biggest goal is to spread all the joy and love that I have into the hearts of others, and my art is the greatest way I've found to do that.

HEY THERE- I'm Carlin!

about ME!

my mission:

I want to capture you in a way that not only uniquely reflects your story, but also further connects you & your person along our journey together. I want to fill your heart with all the warm bubbly feelings, create memories, & above all, spread love & joy in every single way. 

I started this adventure on a whim when I was 19 - I absolutely THRIVE off of spontaneous inspiration & impulsive decisions (& this time, it stuck)! Right after I started college, this craft called my name & I rerouted my whole world to be where I am today. I took every penny I had left, bought my first camera, & POURED my heart into it. I am the most determined, good-hearted gal you will ever meet, and I cannot WAIT to share some of my love with YOU!

a lil about how I got here:

about ME!

On top of photography, I've been an artist for as long as I could hold a crayon! As you browse my work, you'll find that I incorporate my exceptional artistic background into this business on every level possible. I have a passion for creativity & a passion for love - & OH BOY will we make magic together when those things collide!

my passions:

While I am based smack-dab in the center of Wisconsin in a lil place called Stevens Point, my midwestern-self will go anywhere (as long as there's at least SOME hope I can still find my fav food - cheese curds drowning in ranch)!  Okay but actually, I'm down to go all around the world with you, whether you're from down the road or across the states!

Yes, I travel!


cities close to my heart:

With family and friends from all over the nation, there's a couple special places I will travel to at no cost:
Pensacola, FL
Minocqua, WI
Washington, D.C.

Where I've Been

Since I've started this journey as a photographer/business owner, I've travelled to over half of the states (28 to be exact)! Almost all of these have been road trips - I love long drives where I can stop for hikes along the way. If you want to meet me for a shoot while I'm on the road, check out where I'm "up next" in my instagram bio! I am such an avid adventurer, so seeing all the states is a big bucket list goal of mine. Speaking of bucket lists...

travel bucket list

Beyond just those few special places I hold near and dear to my heart, I also keep a travel bucket list of places I'm willing to discount my travel fee for simply because I've been dreaming of exploring them! Whether you want to do an adventure engagement session, a secluded elopement, or more, these are some gorgeous locations that I'm just dying to capture! I love a good reason to travel somewhere new, so be sure to reach out and mention the bucket-list discount! 

my travel bucket list:


Alaska - Denali
Hawaii - Kauai, Oahu
California - Big Sur, Death Valley
Utah - Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Zion National Park, Bonneville Salt Flats
Colorado - Garden of the Gods




my work

- A.T.

"our photos were so reflective of the two of us - I cry everytime I go through them!"

- E.m.

"We had the most Fun working with Carlin! She is such a ray of Sunshine & it's Impossible not to laugh with her!"

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