About ME

a traveling wedding & elopement photographer based in Pensacola, Florida.

I am also an artist, traveler, and wife, (among other things)! My career combines those three things pretty well: I get to create, explore new places, and capture all the emotions of love in the most real ways I know. 

I started this business with one goal in mind: to spread all the joy and love that I have through art. I have always been an artist, and have been creating since I was able to hold a crayon! At 19, I dropped out of college on a whim to pursue this dream, and it rapidly changed my whole life. I moved back to my hometown in central Wisconsin, met my now-husband shortly afterwards, had a dream wedding of my own, then moved south to Texas, and now to Florida, where I've continued to grow my craft while driving near and far to capture memories.

While I may be based in the Florida panhandle, I spend most months on the road! I travel as much as I can and have been to 40 of the 50 states since I started in 2020. I love long road trips, long hikes, horseback riding, visiting lighthouses, coming back from the beach all full of sand (and a pocket full of tiny treasures), sketching, singing and playing the ukulele, and sending postcards from my adventures to my loved ones back home. 

Hey, I'm CarliN,

I want to be more than just a vendor, which starts with making sure you feel not only a connection to my work, but to me as a photographer (and friend)! I do not take lightly that you will cherish these photos for a lifetime and pass them on to future generations. My style is a little bit untraditional, but I believe the way I shoot plays a huge part in having nostalgic, cinematic photos that tell a real story of your love. Most of the time you spend with me we'll be running, spinning, jumping, laughing, and creating real moments instead of simply standing still. 

If that sounds exactly like what you envisioned in a photographer, I cannot wait to meet you!

MY Approach

| Airports, I would rather drive 2000 miles than wait 2 hours to board
| Cheese & crackers, I was never meant to be a Wisconsinite
| Anything store bought (if I can make/find/grow it myself, I will)
| Texting when FaceTime/calling/audio-messaging exists
| Movies that are longer than two hours


| Going hundreds of miles out of the way to see a friend
| Putting a record on & making meals from scratch (ESPECIALLY soup)
| Sending snail-mail to my fav people
| Taylor Swift (notice the folklore/evermore font I'm using?)
| Taking care of my plants/touching dirt